Hi there!My name is Mitch.Lets face it,we all know,the economy is suffering very bad right now and everyone is looking for a way to make an extra buck,and what better way than to take an hour or so out of your day to take a few simple surveys.I myself am a member of each of the survey sites listed below,and average about $200-$300 a month,just for taking about an hour or so out of my day,taking a few easy surveys,and the best part is you take them when YOU want,at your convenience.

 Now I wouldn't suggest quitting your day job and trying to survive taking surveys,but it does help to get that extra few hundred dollars a month to pay a couple bills or treat youself to something nice. 

 Now there are a ton of survey groups out there that you can join,and some pay cash and others you get an enrty into their "latest sweepstakes."I myself have never won any of their"latest sweepstakes" so I like to go for the Cold Hard CASH,and below is a list of survey sites that are just that.Most pay direct cash and others deal with points,which can sound negative just hearing the word 'points',but you can transfer the points into cash,use them to get gift cards or trade them in for other cool stuff.

 Whats the catch,you ask..there is no catch.I am simply trying to show people how to get some extra cash in these rough economic times.Joining any of the sites I have listed here is completely free,there is no obligation to fill out any surveys, however the more surveys you take,the more money you get in your pocket.I myself have been doing this for a couple of years now,and the extra money has helped out alot with bills and what not.I spend about 35 hours a month taking surveys and get anywhere from $200-$300 and you can even earn more depending on how many surveys you want to take.So what are you waiting for,sign up now and start getting an extra income!!

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 Mosaic Hand

They are bringing great diabetes awareness to the world.And for every handprint submitted they are donating $5 to one of two diabetes organizations.Its free to join 

I'm a member on Diabetic Connect

  GreenFieldOnline is one of my favorites survey sites.Not only do they pay you for the surveys you take,but the often let you test try new products that aren't even out yet,from well know manufactuers.Its a very fun survey site and the money adds up quick

Greenfield Online

Take Surveys, Earn Cash and Prizes


  •  Now to the right and right below here are not so much survey sites.These 2 more less pay you to read emails,shop,play games and sign up for special offers,which can be very helpfull and the money you get from them does add up.So feel free to sign up for these 2 and start earning money for simply reading email,shopping (which i'm sure you already do,so why not get paid for it) and signing up for special offers that might be of interest to you.


  •  A really great palce to check out is where you can find inspiration and an awsome community of people to share thoughts with.They have helpfull tips on all kinds of subjects spirtual,saving money and many more.



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