I've gone through many of survey sites and weeded out the bad ones (the ones that dont pay cash.) Here is a list of all the survey groups that accually pay cash instead of sweepstakes.There's only a couple that offer sweepstakes from time to time,but they usually pay cash or points (which you can trade in for cash) most of the time.There is never any obligation to take a survey,and they never try to sell you anything.They stricly just want your opinion and pay you cash for it,and the whole process from signing up to getting paid for your opinion is very simple.Enjoy!!

These are stricly money paying survey sites.(All free to join)

And here are some that you earn points that you can trade for some pretty cool things.(All free to join )

Now if I had to choose my top 3 sites,it would be a hard decision,but I would have to go with GreenFieldOnline, OpinionOutpost, and OpinionSquare.Now dont get me wrong they are all very good sites,those would just be my personal favorites.I have gone through many sites and picked the best.And the more you sign up for,means the more survey opportunities which mean more cash for you.Also keep posted as I will be adding more top paying free to join sites here very soon! Thanks for visiting and GOOD LUCK on your survey taking experience

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